The Bicep Workout Guide

Everyone’s body is different, because of this, muscle growth is stimulated for everybody by different forms of training. While a certain bicep workout may work well for me, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s guaranteed to help you build bigger biceps. That said, there are a few growth stimulating exercises that you should include in your arm workouts if you really want to force your biceps to grow.

Let’s face it, nothing is more impressive than a pair of thick sleeve stretching biceps, but making your arms grow can be a lot harder than most guys realize. While the common 6 sets of 5 reps of dumbbell curls is fine for beginner and intermediate level trainers, you’ve got to learn how to take your biceps training days to the next level if you really want to build bigger biceps.

Here are a few bicep training tips that have helped me to pack on over 3 inches to my arms over the years. Each of these arm workout tips is tried and true in the trenches and I guarantee that they will help you build bigger arms. Read through each of them and start implementing them one by one – before you know it your bicep workouts will be stimulating some serious growth and everyone will be keeping their eyes on your biceps!

1.) the first tip for an effective bicep workout may seem like it’s completely unrelated to the process of training your arms, but it’s critical to your success. If you’re serious about building bigger arms, then you need to make sure that you’re performing heavy back squats to failure 1 time each week. I’m not completely sure why this works but, I think it has something to do with the amount of growth hormone and testosterone that are released in your body when you perform heavy deadlifts to failure. But trust me when I say it’s extremely effective for increasing the size of the muscles in your arms. Without even training my biceps directly, I’ve personally noticed an increase in the size of my arms by 1″ – 2″ simply making an effort to sell out on my squats!

2.) Make sure that your arm workouts are designed around the most effective growth stimulating muscle building exercises. If you don’t build your arm workouts around the right exercises, you won’t be able to stimulate growth in your arms…simple stuff. Stick with the exercises that allow you to train with heavy weights through a complete range of motion.

My Favorite Bicep Exercises Are…

  1. Barbell Curl
  2. EZ Bar Curl
  3. Alternating Dumbbell Curl
  4. Hammer Curl
  5. Dumbbell Incline Curl
  6. Cable Curls
  7. Preacher Curl
  8. Dumbbell Preacher Curl

80% of my personal bicep workouts start with either barbell curls, ez bar curls or alternating dumbbell curls.

These basic bicep exercises allow me to use heavy weights to blast my arms. If you consistently pound your biceps with heavy weights, they’ll have no choice but to respond by getting bigger and stronger!

3.) Keep the exercises in your bicep workout in the 6 – 8 repetition range. This is within the commonly accepted “muscle building” repetition range, but closer to the lower side. This rep range will allow you to train as heavily as possible while still ensuring that you’re stimulating muscle growth. Whenever I perform arm workouts in the 6 – 8 rep range, my biceps explode.

4.) Design your bicep workouts so that you perform only 2 – 6 sets of 1 or 2 arm exercises max. This will allow you to keep your workout to as reasonable amount of time while ensuring that your biceps get the work they need to lay down new muscle mass. Also make sure to rest for 1.5-2 minutes between sets so that your arms are completely recovered for the next set.

5.) Hit the gym to blast through your bicep workout only once each week. If you just feel like you have to train your biceps more often than this you’re going to have a hard time packing on any muscle mass in your arms. Sure you can get away with it for awhile, but eventually you’re going to hit a wall and actually start losing strength and size in your arms. Instead of taking the volume approach to your biceps workouts, focus on making each workout as intense and gut busting as possible – this is the key to forcing your muscle to grow. Get into the gym, get through your workout then get out as quickly as possible so that you can focus on feeding your body the nutrients that it needs to gain muscle mass.

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