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Is Your Weight Affecting Your Life Insurance Options?

December 20, 2017 Health Information Health Observances 0

Is your bulky tone making you worry while you finalizing your life insurance policy? Then we are here to make you understand the relationship of body shape to the purchase of life insurance policy. The insurance policy providers consider many different factors while issuing your insurance policy. They determine the risk involved in issuing the insurance policy to the applicant. The higher the risk higher will be the premium for the applicant to pay.

The insurance companies have their own build charts. They have listed heights and maximum allowable weights in different price range. Allowable weight increases with the increase in a single inch of height. The insurance policy agents follow these charts to calculate the premium rates. The men and women with good and average height and weight are more preferred to be insured by insurance companies than the bulky or overweight people. This does not mean that obese people will not get approval for an insurance policy. The premiums can be higher than the others as the risk of getting the severe disease to overweight people is higher than the normal people.

If you think that how does the life insurer know your weight? Then I want to tell you that insurance company will ask you for your weight and height and they will confirm it while medical test they have conducted for you before issuing an insurance policy. Even some companies consider your weight trend rather than considering your weight at the particular point in time. This way they will accurately calculate the risk involved in getting the severe disease than the weight considering at a single point in time.

The higher the weight, the higher will be risk involved. If you are overweight then you are having more chances of getting a heart attack or other major health problems than the normal weighted person. The insurance companies consider such scenarios and determine the higher premium for you to pay if you want to buy life insurance policy with such health condition. You can visit Health IQ to learn more about how your body type can affect your life insurance rates, and other important insurance topics.