How to Become Slim, Lean and Toned

More hours in the gym, more punishing deprivation diets, more cardio, more cravings and more rules we can’t break. Topped off with a huge serving of guilt when we can’t keep up.

The results from this approach to becoming slim are somewhere between slim… and none. 95% of all “successful” dieters gain all the weight back in the end. That doesn’t sound much like success to me. Are we doing all this for nothing? Something isn’t working.

We need another solution

Have you ever noticed how slim people never seem to be trying? They make it look effortless, and for themĀ it is! But this is actually a good thing, because you can learn from them to get where you want to go.

You don’t need to spend your time wishing you were as “lucky” as slim people, instead you can learn how to get to your goals and be one of them!

Habits are the key to becoming slim lean and toned

Adopt the habits of the slim version of you to get you slim and keep you slim for the long haul.

Learn to live life in line with your slim goals

Eat less, or exercise more, or both! Its about finding the combination that works best for you. You have to find the habits that will work for you, and install them. The trick is the choosing. Some will suit you, some will surely not. The better you know your personality and your goals the easier it will be to play your role.

If it feels joyless, jog on! As the saying goes “sexy doesn’t try too hard”. Believe you can do it in a way that fits you and your life like a glove. That is the way that will work, not just to get you to slim, but to keep you there.

Some tips to get slim lean and toned on your terms

1) Don’t give up your life to get in shape

Who wants to be chained to the gym or the kitchen? You can get results this way, but you don’t have to! So don’t choose too. Life is waiting.

2) Choose an efficient workout plan

Its no badge of honour to be a gym rat. Get it handled and get on with your real life.

3) Learn how to eat

It’s a process of educating yourself to become that slim person. There is no right way, except the way you make within the context of your goals. The only real rule is to make your own. Every imaginable diet can work, but its about finding the way of eating that can easily become a part of your way of living.

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